Back To School Essentials


Photo is my own. Edited on VSCO Cam and PicMonkey. Font is Sweet Pea.


Okay, so we all know the real essentials are your work books and your pencils and your pens and your painkillers. (REAL THOUGH). As someone that has been in school for about 10 years now, I think I’ve got a good grasp on what you really need to pack in your schoolbag and your pencil case.


Okay seriously, I use my highlighters in every subject. Would recommend have 3 – 4 different colours. Really good for indicating where one section starts and ends, and to remember where your important information is.


Super good in subjects where you have things like case studies or multiple topics in a single book.


Shout out to the friends who saw me bring this in every day. Tastes great, encourages you to drink more water and also gets compliments because You. Are. So. Tumblr. My faves are sliced lemons or apple slice and a cinnamon stick. (I just feel fancy af typing it).


You know you’re going to buy that garlic bread. And you know what’s going to happen.


Sometimes you just don’t feel like going into a school bathroom – this is your saviour if you just need to wash your hands. Other reasons, not so much, but still useful.


Do I even need to write a reason?


We all know however much you tell yourself “I’ll remember it”, you still won’t. Get a diary/planner with a week over two pages, rather than a day per page. Will be lighter and less bulky in your bag.


Something thin like an L-shaped pocket is really good for storing worksheets and important things you need to keep flat. Trust me, otherwise I always lose those permission slips.

These were my essentials! Feel free to leave a comment with yours (seriously, let’s help each other out).

Love, Sarah. Xx


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