Activewear Activewear


Photo is my own. Edited on VSCO Cam and PicMonkey. Font is Sweet Pea.

Okay, so it’s a brand new month, we’re two months into 2016, and you still have not have not gotten into that active routine you promised you would as your New Year’s resolution. I FEEL YOU. However, as we progress further into the “wearing your activewear as you do everything, including binge-watching Netflix” trend, it will get easier to get off the couch and out into the exercise world.

I’m a teenager, okay. I don’t know that much on how to get fit and to be frank I kinda just wanted to write this blog post so I could post a photo of my activewear. SO, here is what I wear while I am at a sports training or at Zumba! (10000000% recommend).

Top: Mizuno

Jacket: B Split

Bottoms: Asics

Compression: Diadora

Shoes: Adidas ZX Flux

Can you tell my colour preferences? I’m pretty sure I must look like a ninja at the gym! Anyway, if you’re thinking of heading out to get fit, remember – you do this for you. Not for that guy you want to impress.

Love, Sarah. Xx


4 thoughts on “Activewear Activewear

  1. goalliedathletes says:

    Love this, especially the part about working out for yourself rather than for others. Active wear inspires us. The coral is my favorite. I’d love to hear about your experiences with working out. Check us out on!
    Thanks for your consideration!


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