Makeup and Beauty Currents

Hi all! Just a quick wee post on the makeup and beauty products I'm currently using for an everyday look. (I also chucked in a shower gel because I'm in love with the scent!) I Love... Vanilla and Ice Cream Bubble Bath & Shower Crème Skinfood New Zealand SPF 15 Moisturizer Maybelline New York Dream … Continue reading Makeup and Beauty Currents


Activewear Activewear

Okay, so it's a brand new month, we're two months into 2016, and you still have not have not gotten into that active routine you promised you would as your New Year's resolution. I FEEL YOU. However, as we progress further into the "wearing your activewear as you do everything, including binge-watching Netflix" trend, it … Continue reading Activewear Activewear